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CEE New Perspectives is the companion blog of the academic journal New Perspectives which is published by the Institute of International Relations (IIR) in Prague. Like the journal, the blog takes an interdisciplinary look at the politics, societies and cultures of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

However, while the journal is dedicated to publishing high-quality academic research, the blog provides a flexible and responsive, interactive platform for debate, discussion and dissemination of information, analysis and insight into CEE. We intend to become a key hub, agora and repository for everyone interested in the region.

We will publish original academically informed, yet accessible commentary and analysis of contemporary and historical issues relating to the region; high quality journalism and essays including long-reads; reviews and engagements with regional-relevant literature, visual art, architecture, urbanism, film, music and drama; photo and video essays, poetry and a variety of multi-media.

We will re-blog and re-post from elsewhere to build regional networks, but we prioritise original content and so WE WANT YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS. Read our contributor guidelines (below) and submit your piece to newperspectives@iir.cz


Guidelines for Authors

CEE New Perspectives is the blog linked to the academic journal New Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Journal of Central & East European Politics and International Relations.

The blog serves a different purpose to the journal, although the two are related.

The blog seeks to become a key hub, exchange and archive for those interested in Central and East European (CEE) politics, societies and cultures. By doing so it will help raise the profile of the region as well as the journal.

We seek contributions in English that address, promote, critique or engage all aspects of the politics, societies and cultures of the region, which we interpret broadly and encourage our authors to do the same. We seek contributions that draw links and connections within and beyond the region as well as those that focus on particular countries or regions. We interpret the borders of ‘Central and Eastern Europe’ broadly and therefore also welcome submissions on issues relating to e.g. Russia, Germany and the Balkans as well as the areas more commonly described as CEE.

We will re-blog and repost from elsewhere, but we are particularly looking for original contributions of the following kinds:

  • Intelligent – often academically informed – yet accessible commentaries and analyses on contemporary and historical issues – that explore political aspects of regional affairs from any one of a number of perspectives: international relations, political economy, sociology, geography, history, anthropology, cultural and legal studies, etc. … (500 – 1500 words).
  • High quality journalism and essays on or related to the region (Max 1500).
  • Longer, academically informed essays on or related to the region (Max 4000 words).
  • Reviews of literature, artworks, films, music and other– contemporary and historical – cultural products and actions connected to the region – these reviews should take account of the political and social issues and context (broadly understood) (500-1000 words).
  • New York review of Books style review essays on or related to the region (Max 4000 words).
  • Critically engaged reviews of relevant academic articles (summarise, contextualise and critique) (Max 1000 words or 5-7 minute video).
  • Features on relevant academics or public intellectuals (500- 1000 words or 5-7 minute video).
  • Roundtables/ debates on academic analyses of the region or on topical political events – video as well as text contributions are welcome.
  • Information about current & forthcoming events, talks, concerts, happenings in and on the region.
  • Poetry, photo essays, videos, audio and other multi-media contributions that relate to the region.

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